变形金刚(Transformers) 第27课2018-12-01
And fate has yielded its reward, a new world to call home.造化弄人,让我们找到一个新家园.We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight,我们和人类一起生活,but watching over the
变形金刚(Transformers) 第26课2018-11-30
Target marked. Still waiting.目标锁定,等待攻击Time on target,20 seconds.20秒后到达目标F-22s, were still waiting.战机还在等Move out!快走!Incoming!敌人来袭!
变形金刚(Transformers) 第25课2018-11-30
This isnt going well! Shoot! Shoot!情况不妙!开火!开火!Nice shot. That tank is definitely dead now. - All right, lets go! We got business!射得很准.这次它真的挂了 走吧!We
变形金刚(Transformers) 第24课2018-11-29
No matter what happens, Im really glad I got in that car with you.不管发生什么事 我都很高兴跟你上那辆车.Sam! Get to the building! Move!山姆,快去那栋大楼.Decepticons, attack! -
变形金刚(Transformers) 第23课2018-11-29
Anybody hurt? Everyone okay? Clear the area!Oh, my God.有人受伤吗? 大家还好吧? 清场!我的天!Bumblebee? Your legs! Your legs.大黄蜂,你的腿.Here. Here, back, back, back, back! You all right? 退后,
变形金刚(Transformers) 第22课2018-11-28
Five, four, six, three.Here! Put some rounds in!5463! 来,装上子弹Master search.全面搜寻I got it! Were transmitting! Send exactly what I say! Get out of the way! Get out of the w
变形金刚(Transformers) 第21课2018-11-28
Are you okay? They didnt hurt you, right? 你没事吧? 你没受伤吧? Listen to me. The Cube is here and the Decepticons are coming.听好,狂派变形金刚攻来了No, no, dont worry about them. They
变形金刚(Transformers) 第20课2018-11-27
Wait, back up. You said the dam hides the Cubes energy.你说水坝挡住方块的能量What kind exactly? - Good question.到底是什么能量? 问的好Please step inside. They have to lock us in
变形金刚(Transformers) 第19课2018-11-27
Captain Lennox, we need you and your team to come with us right now! Lets go!蓝尼队长 你和你的小组马上跟我们走Shes in here.她在里面Whats going on? 怎么回事? You&
变形金刚(Transformers) 第18课2018-11-26
Easy, you two.你们要小心点No! No! No, Sam! Sam, dont drop me!山姆,别放手Sam, dont! Sam, dont! Im slipping! Im slipping!我滑下去了Hold on! - No! Sam![
变形金刚(Transformers) 第17课2018-11-26
Go, go, go, go!快,快,快,快!I cant see it! I cant see it! Shift your weight towards the front!我看不到把重量往前面移All right! All right! You A-holes are in trouble now.[
变形金刚(Transformers) 第16课2018-11-25
Ah, Judy? Better call the city. We got a blown transformer!老婆,打给市政府,变电箱烧了Power poles sparking all over the place!电线杆也到处在喷火花Oh, man. Yards a waste. Tr
变形金刚(Transformers) 第15课2018-11-25
No, no, no, no. Hes not a rodent, hes a Chihuahua. This is my... This is my Chihuahua. We love Chihuahuas! Dont we? 它不,它不是老鼠,是吉娃娃,,是我的吉娃娃小狗 大家都爱吉娃娃,对吧
变形金刚(Transformers) 第14课2018-11-24
The coordinates to the Cubes location on Earth were imprinted on his glasses.火种源在地球的座标 就被植入了他的眼镜.Howd you know about his glasses? 你怎么知道他眼镜的事? EBa
变形金刚(Transformers) 第13课2018-11-24
Excuse me, are you the tooth fairy? 对不起,你是牙仙吗? Hey, sweetheart, what are you doing out here by yourself? 小乖,你一个人在这里干嘛? Holy God! What happened to the pool? 老天爷
变形金刚(Transformers) 第12课2018-11-23
What are you, like, an alien or something? 你是外星人或异形吗? Any more questions you want to ask? 你们还想问什么? He wants us to get in the car.我想他要我们上车.And go where? [
变形金刚(Transformers) 第11课2018-11-23
Get back!退回去!Stop!快跑!God!跑呀!Sam...What is your problem, Sam? Okay, theres a monster right there! It just attacked me!Sam. 你有什么毛病啊? 有一个怪物,它攻击
变形金刚(Transformers) 第10课2018-11-22
Bring them home.带他们回家.You get those men stateside right now.把那些士兵带回美国.I want them debriefed in 10 hours.十小时后进行简报.Theres only one hacker in the wo
变形金刚(Transformers) 第9课2018-11-22
Papa! Sir, we need... I need a telephone.爸爸!先生,我需要打电话Telephone, telephone, yes! - Telephone!电话,没错Hey, I need a mag! Give me a mag! Cell phone! I dont know how to
变形金刚(Transformers) 第8课2018-11-21
Whoever did this finally managed to infiltrate our defense network,which is what they tried to do in Qatar, only this time it worked.不管对方是谁,它们侵入国防网路,它们在卡达试过,而这次成功了[q
变形金刚(Transformers) 第7课2018-11-21
Do you hear that? 听到吗? Are you getting this? 你们听到吗? I think theyre hacking the network again.它们又在侵入电脑Found Oh, my God. This is a direct match to the signal
变形金刚(Transformers) 第6课2018-11-20
Im not a romantic friend.Romantic friends do this.I mean, Im not that friend. I mean, we... I could be.我不是一个罗曼蒂克的朋友, 罗曼蒂克的朋友才会这样 我不是你的男友 虽然我可以当你的男
变形金刚(Transformers) 第5课2018-11-20
It looked right at me.它直直地瞪着我All right, we got to get this thing back to the Pentagon right away. They got to know what were dealing with here.我们得把这照片传回五角大厦 他们必
变形金刚(Transformers) 第4课2018-11-19
Get your clown cousin and get some hammers and come bang this stuff out, baby!去找你的小丑表弟 拿根榔头把凹痕敲掉,把这家伙搞定... greater than man... That ones my favorite, drove all th
变形金刚(Transformers) 第3课2018-11-19
And here we have some of the basic instruments and tools used by 19th-century seamen.这些是19世纪船员使用的基本工具和装备This here is the quadrant, which you can get for 80 bucks. Its al