朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-12012-08-28
[07:51.17]A.What’s your first name? B.Sarah.[07:55.48]A.How do you spell that? B.S-A-R-A-H.[08:00.81]Page 6 Pronunciation Linked Sounds
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-22012-08-28
[13:31.31]Even our English teacher is absent.He’s home in bed! [13:39.25]What a shame!Everybody in my English class is absent today.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-32012-08-27
[14:19.69]Right now,all around the world,people are greeting each other in different ways.[14:30.24]They’re shaking hands. They’re kissing.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-42012-08-27
[04:58.95]Mr.Price is cleaning his bedroom.Mrs.Hunter is painting her bathroom. [05:08.01]Ricky Gomez is feeding his cat.Mr.and Mrs.Wong are washing their clothes.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-52012-08-26
[16:58.83]Is Bob tall or short?[17:03.09]Is Kate young or old?[17:07.24]Are they noisy or quiet?[17:11.50]Is it hot or cold?
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-62012-08-26
[22:06.92]My mother is washing the windows,and my father is fixing the bathroom sink. [22:14.78]I’m cooking dinner for my family.How about you?
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-72012-08-25
[19:29.68]Rising Intonation to Check Understanding[19:35.32]Listen.Then say it.[19:39.79]Tow bedrooms?[19:42.84]Five closets?[19:46.19]Next to the bank?
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-8a2012-08-25
[14:46.83]but all his sports jackets are at the dry cleaner’s.[14:53.20]He’s looking for a pair of pants,[14:58.85]but all the pants in his closet are ripped.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-8b2012-08-24
[17:04.55]Around the corner,there’s a bank,a post office,and a laundromat.[17:12.72]There are also many restaurants and stores in my neighborhood.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-92012-08-24
[17:21.08]I work,I read the newspaper,and I visit my friends.[17:28.24]page 86 Pronunciation Blending with does[17:36.39]Listen.Then say it.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-10a2012-08-23
[11:14.40]A.When do you go to Stanley’s Restaurant? B.I don’t go there.[11:20.46]A.Why not? B.Because Stanley doesn’t cook Russian food.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-10b2012-08-23
[16:21.05]I go to a lot of movies and concerts.[16:26.10]I sing in a choir.I play basketball with my friends every weekend.[16:34.04]I like rock music and jazz.I don’t watch TV very often.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-112012-08-22
[11:59.93]Unfortunately,we don’t see Greta,Dan,Bob,and Carol very often. [12:09.89]In fact,we rarely see them because they’re usually so busy.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-122012-08-22
sidebyside book1-12
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-132012-08-21
sidebyside book1-13
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-14a2012-08-21
[10:45.48]B.The radio says it’s going to rain.[10:50.34]A.That’s strange!According to the newspaper,it’s going to be sunny.[10:57.39]B.I hope you’re right.I REALLY want to go swimming.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-14b2012-08-20
[15:51.07]On Friday evening,I’m going to get together with my friends from college. [15:58.72]We’re going to have dinner,and them we’re going to concert. [16:05.20]On Saturday morning,I have to clean my apartment
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-152012-08-20
[21:07.06]6.I waited for the bus all morning.[21:13.72]7.They finish their work at five oclock.[21:20.28]8.We invited our friends to the party.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-162012-08-19
[11:19.29]Then he cleaned his yard.This afternoon he planed flowers,[11:26.86]and then he washed his windows.[11:31.12]This evening he read the newspaper,and he wrote to his brother.
朗文国际英语第一册:Side by Side book1-172012-08-19
[25:20.97]What are the ways people buy things in different countries you know?[25:31.53]page 166 Global Exchange[25:44.09]I had a very busy day today.