英语沙龙:为我的母亲祈祷 Prayer for My Mother2016-05-12
Prayer for My MotherDear God, Now that I am no longer young, I have friends whose mothers have passed away. I have heard these sons and daughters say they never fully appreciated their mothers until it was too late to tell them. I am blessed with the dear mother who is still alive. I appreciate her more each day.
英语沙龙:Sorrow of the Millionaire2016-05-12
The unfortunate millionaire has the responsibility of tremendous wealthwithout the possibility of enjoying himself more than any ordinary rich man. Indeed, in many things he cannot enjoy himself more than many poor men do, nor even so much, for a drum major is better dressed, a trainer’s stable lad often rides a better horse;
英语沙龙:The Power of Beauty2016-05-11
One of the most successful, influential and beloved women in American history, Eleanor Roosevelt once said that she had one regret: she wished she had been prettier. Who hasn’t felt the same way? We are all too aware of our physical imperfections.
英语沙龙:Examination-a Necessary Evil2016-05-11
In spite of the fact that examinations have been hated by most of the studentsas well as some teachers for decades, they still survive and show no signs of fading away. In our system of education today, examinations are a common feature.
英语沙龙:Building Your Own House2016-05-10
An elderly carpenter was ready to retire after years of work. He told his employer-contractor of his plansto leave the house-building businessto live a more leisurely life with his wifeand enjoy his extended family. He would miss the paycheck each week, but he wanted to retire.
英语沙龙:The Success Personality2016-05-10
Is there a success personality —some winning combination of qualitiesthat leads almost inevitably to achievement? If so, exactly what is that secret success formula, and can anyone develop it?
英语沙龙:Address at Gettysburg2016-05-09
Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
英语沙龙:Choosing an Occupation2016-05-09
Dear sir, I am very sorry that the pressure of other occupations has prevented me from sending an earlier reply to your letter. In my opinion a man’s first duty is to find a way of supporting himself, thereby relieving other people of the necessity of supporting him.
英语沙龙:Encouragement Can Work Miracles2016-05-08
Someone said that encouragement is simply reminding a personof the shoulders he’s standing on, the heritage he’s been given. That’s what happened when a young man, the son of a star baseball player, was drafted by one of the minor-league teams.
英语沙龙:The Two Drives in Man2016-05-08
Man is, at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being. As a solitary being, he attempts to protect his own existenceand that of those who are closest to him, to satisfy his personal desires, and to develop his innate abilities.
英语沙龙:Dining Etiquette When Dating2016-05-07
Be sure to make reservations if the restaurant you chose is a fancy or popular one. It’s very embarrassing to show up without reservations and having to wait for a table, leaving very bad impression on your date. Also, be sure to check to see if they have a dress codeand tell your date in advance what to wear.
英语沙龙:Stress and Relaxation2016-05-07
It is commonly believed that only rich middle-aged businessmen suffer from stress. In fact anyone may become ill as a result of stressif they experience a lot of worry over a long periodand their health is not especially good.
英语沙龙:Education and Schooling2016-05-05
It is commonly believed in the United Statesthat school is where people go to get an education. Nevertheless, it has been saidthat today children interrupt their education to go to school.
英语沙龙:You Can Have Entertainment at No Cost2016-05-05
Most of us trade money for entertainment. Movies, concerts and shows are enjoyable but expensive. If you think that you cannot have a good timewithout spending a lot of money, read on.
英语沙龙:The Reasons We Fight over Finance2016-05-04
When I started doing research for this column, asking what sorts of money fights people have, every single couple said the same thing: Well, we don’t really fight about money.
It is physically impossible for a well-educated, intellectual, or brave man to make money the chief object of his thoughts;as physically impossible as it is for him to make his dinner the principal object of them. All healthy people like their dinner, but their dinner is not the main object of their lives.
英语沙龙:Information is Power2016-05-03
In such a changing, complex society formerly simple solutions to informational needsbecome complicated. Many of life’s problems which were solved by asking family members, friends or colleaguesare beyond the capability of extended family to resolve. Where to turn for expert informationand how to determine which expert advice to acceptare questions facing many people today.
英语沙龙:Did The Earth Move for You?2016-05-03
Did The Earth Move for You? Eleven-year-old Angela was stricken with a debilitating diseaseinvolving her nervous system. She was unable to walk and her movementwas restricted in other ways as well. The doctors did not hold out much hopeof her ever recovering from this illness.
英语沙龙:It’s Never Too Late to Change2016-05-02
Age is no criterion when it comes to changing your life. In fact, it might be just the opposite. The older we get, the more we must change. Change is what keeps us fresh and innovative. Change is what keeps us from getting stale and stuck in a rut. Change is what keeps us young. This is not easy.
英语沙龙:Dissatisfactions at Work2016-05-02
For most of us, the work is the central, dominating factor of life. We spend more than half our conscious hours at work, traveling to and from work. What we do there largely determines our standard of livingand to a considerable extent the statuswe are accorded by our fellow citizens as well.
英语沙龙:The Price of Perfection2016-05-01
Gold may depreciate, stocks rise or fall, and business values change so as to leave the market in panic, but every man on the street or in the store knows that one value forever remains permanent, unvarying, and that is character.
英语沙龙:Funeral Sermon for Mammy Caroline2016-05-01
Caroline has known to me all my life. It was my privilege to see her out of hers. After my father’s death, to Mammy I came to represent the head of that familyto which she had given a half century of fidelity and devotion. But the relationship between us never became that of master and servant.
英语沙龙:Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day2016-04-30
I'm 16. The other night while I was busy thinking about important social issues, like what to do over the weekend, I overheard my parents talking about my future. My dad was upset—not the usual stuff that he and Mom worry about, like which college I'm going to, how far away it is from home and how much it's going to cost.
英语沙龙:What is a Typical American Film?2016-04-30
What is a Typical American Film? Is there such a thing as a typical American film? It is true that there are many features that mark a movie as American, but perhaps the most essential feature is the theme of the loner-hero.
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